Kate Lynch, DL IADT Graduate Show

by aislingaisling

Graduate show season is upon us and not too long ago, I found myself in Dun Laoghaire IADT, exploring what the colleges’ final year students had to show for themselves.  Dotted around the institute, there were plenty of artists’ works on show that interested me, but there was one in particular that really stood out. I found this one in the photography section by Kate Lynch.

For her end of year project, Lynch turned her attention towards recording a selection of unique, beautiful and often overlooked buildings situated around the city. I think as a general case we often don’t appreciate the beauty of our every day surroundings. This might be more so the case when living in a city, as most of our awareness is focused on more pressing matters, which involve rushing from one place to another, whilst getting frustrated with crowds of people getting in our way. We don’t often afford our surroundings the attention and admiration that a tourist would.

Above is one of the photos from Lynch’s selection. Located with Dolier Street on one side, West Morland Street on the other, with O Connell Bridge in front; this building is in the heart of the city. I have admired it before, but have never taken the time to stop and photograph it.

In this image, I appreciate that Lynch has opted not to include any traffic or pedestrians, as doing so allows the viewers’ concentration to be focused solely on the building itself, giving it the attention it so often is not allowed. As written in her statement, she also points out that the series of photographs was purposely taken on days when the sky was a typically dreary, Irish shade of grey. This decision allows for the buildings to be seen in a non-romantic way and also reiterates the point that on a typical day, these magnificent buildings are always present and there to be admired.

This series of photographs in my mind clarifies the brilliance of these buildings and excites me to think that in the midst of the everyday there are things of such beauty.

Unfortunately, this series of photographs is not on the internet at the moment but to see more of Kate Lynch’s work, visit her website at www.katelynchphotography.com.

The above image was taken from a postcard by Kate Lynch, from the IADT graduate exhibition 2010.

The graduate show at DIT is  on at the moment and continues until Wednesday the 17th of June, located on Portland Row and open from 11am to 5pm daily. The NCAD graduate show is currently on as well, and finishes on Saturday the 19th of June. NCAD is located on Thomas Street and open Mon-Fri 10am-8pm and Saturday from 10am-5pm.