Street Photographers

by aislingaisling

A recent visit to a friends site, Fieldwork introduced me to the work of Joel Sternfeld, an American photographer who takes photos in a documentary style. Looking at his work led me on to explore different artists who concern themselves with street photography. I was very pleased with what I found.

Justin Sainsbury is an English photographer interested in the English disposition and how it presents itself in leisure time. As is typical of the genre of street photography, many of Sainsbury’s photos are very humorous and often focus on capturing fleeting human moments. I really enjoyed looking through his site and certainly appreciate his sense of humour, as well as his excellent photography skills.

Above photos are by Justin Sainsbury and were sourced from here.

Another talented English photographer I came across was Paul Russell. Russell’s photos often candidly capture seemingly surreal moments in public. I find it very refreshing to think that moments like these happen in day to day life; and I’m very greatful that Paul Russell is there to notice and record them!

Above photos were taken by Paul Russell and sourced from here.

Matt Stuart is a London based street photographer. A fascination in human behaviour combined with patience and optimism has led Stuart to notice amusing situations involving the public.

Above photos were taken by Matt Stuart and sourced from here .

Nils Jorgenson another London based photographer also brilliantly captures fleeting and hilarious moments from life on the streets. I was particularly wowed by the first photo below.

Above photos were taken by Nils Jorgensen and were sourced from here.

And last but not least, Umberto Verdoliva. Based in Italy, Verdoliva’s photos have a slightly different feel to them when looked at against England based photographers, as above. Often making use of late afternoon slanting sun, Verdoliva’s photos recurrently have a lazy summer feel to them. Verdoliva’s ability to capture a unique moment in a split second is uncanny.

The above photos were taken by Umberto Verdoliva and were sourced from here.

If you’re interested in looking for more street photographers, here are a few links to which you’ll find plenty. Herehere and here.