Free burger

by aislingaisling

Taken on Friday the 24th of September 2010.

I was in town yesterday and was given a free bag of popcorn outside Trinity college, with this card stapled to it. And it really got me wondering, is this really how bad things are, when a banks strategy for getting customers is to bribe students with a Big Mac meal? You’ll notice as well that the card also specifies that it’s not even a large meal, but a medium.

I just imagine the marketing and advertising employees of AIB sitting around a table saying to each other-

‘OK so we need to come up with a strategy to get more students to join our bank, anyone got any ideas?’

”Well we’ll need something really good that’s going to entice them. What is it that you could bribe a student with to make them join a bank?’

‘Hmmm… Oh! I’ve got it! We’ll give them a free Big Mac meal and a packet of popcorn!’

‘Excellent! That’s sure to work.’

‘Better make it a medium sized meal though, let’s not go crazy here.’

‘Good point, medium meal it is.’

I wonder how many students will be enjoying a free burger over the next month…