I’ve decided to share with the world my selection of snapshots from TV shows and films. Many of these has graced the screen of my laptop in the form of a desktop background that I like to laugh at.

As you’ll see a lot of these snaps have been taken from the miniseries Roots, where LeVar Burton’s method of acting often involves opening his eyes as wide as p0ssible. As a brilliant and seriously disturbing insight into the history of black slavery in America, it has to said that some of the acting in this show was truly awful and for me, certainly lightened up the mood at times!

There are a good few snaps of Wayne Knight playing Newman in Seinfeld too. He’s such a funny character, with so many manic facial expressions, I love it!

Unfortunately I can't remember what film/show this is from, I really like it. I'll have to try to take more like this, it's a shame this is the only one.